Application Form and Selection Criteria

Applications from young artists are welcome (lead applicants must be over 18) and frequently underrepresented sectors of the community are encouraged, and partnership applications will be accepted if the full range of knowledge and experience can be fulfilled within the partnership.

Proposed questions

Applicant name (if applying as an organisation/partnership, please enter the name you wish to be used):

Programme name (please enter a name by which your proposal can be identified, this will be used on the website and in marketing materials).

Are you applying as an individual, an established arts organisation, a partnership?

Who is the primary contact (name, pronouns, email, phone)

What is your vision/concept for participatory activity

What is your proposed approach to online engagement?

Which organisation/groups are you proposing to work with?

What is your proposed mix of online and in-person activities?

Do you or members of your team have any experience of successful participatory arts-based engagement with local organisations (including schools, colleges, voluntary and community groups)?

Do you or members of your team have any experience of art projects in the public domain?

Do you or members of your team have expertise working in 3D and knowledge of 3D media?

If you or members of your team don’t yet have experience in a particular area, do you have people who can advise?


Risk assessment

Awareness of Covid regulations?

In the event of difficulties do you have  a nominated replacement should you need one?


Profile information (if more than one person will be involved, please complete for each person)

(name, pronouns, social media, website, areas of involvement/expertise, CV, artist statement?)

Do you consent to have your profile information published on the project website?

Contact information (will not be published on the website) – email, phone