Our Domain is collaborative and participatory public art project.

We’re working together to develop designs for a three-dimensional public art piece. The final commissioned piece will be sited in a prominent position in a major new residential development in Weldale Street called Domain.

Our Project Team includes local organisations and technical advisors from the development team, and we will be working with local artists, organisations, and community groups to explore the project theme, ‘Our Domain’.

The project launches on 13 October and will run through to the final exhibition of project proposals in Spring 2022.

Project theme: OUR DOMAIN

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, questions about where we feel at home and where we feel safe have never been more relevant.

The project theme, Our Domain, is very open ended and artists will be invited to explore the theme in their own ways.

It emphasises community and the connections that stretch beyond our individual homes to our communities, and the ways that our private and public space connect.

One thing is certain, communities and community values are always created by people working together, not individuals acting alone. In recognition of that, the designs for the final piece will be developed through a collaborative and participatory art project.

Support for participants will be available from local arts organisations and technical advisors throughout application process and the project .

The final piece for commission will be selected by local representatives following a public exhibition in Spring 2022.

Domain is a new residential community on Weldale Street, Reading. Construction on Phase One is expected to be complete Spring 2022.