An exceptional opportunity for young and emerging artists in Reading

Our Domain, the exciting new participatory public art project, is offering young and emerging artists an exceptional opportunity to work with an outstanding team of Mentors and Technical Advisors.

During the project, four artist-teams will work with local organisations and community groups to develop designs for a three-dimensional art piece. The final piece selected for commission will be installed in a prominent location in a new residential development on Weldale Street, Reading.

This innovative and collaborative approach will be supported by a mentoring team of local art professionals with extensive experience in the art world. This team includes Elaine Blake (Reading Museum), Cllr Karen Rowland, Suzanne Stallard (Jelly) and Sam Stead (Open Hand Open Space).

Sam Stead, Open Hand Open Space, said: ‘This project is a great way for artists and residents to engage with the commissioning and production of public art in a way that isn’t always possible. It enables artists to be able work with local organisations to create work that is relevant and engaged with the area in which it will be seen. Hopefully, this whole process will allow for a broad and inclusive discussion about art in the public realm, resulting in new and exciting artwork for Reading.’

 Members of the new development’s design and management team will also be on hand to provide technical advice. This Technical Advisory Panel will include James Chard (AWW Architects), David Townsend (Fairhurst) who worked on structural and environment solutions for the development, Stefan Nardini (Hydrock) who worked on the design of the electrical and mechanical building services, and Andrew Asante (LIV) who is part of the marketing and building management team.

James Chard, AWW Architects, said: ‘I’m delighted to have the opportunity to engage with the artists and local organisations that will be involved in developing designs for the final art piece. This project provides a very exciting opportunity and I know the other members of the Technical Advisory Panel are also very much looking forward to seeing what ideas might emerge from working collaboratively in this way.’

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