Shadows of Reading

Designed as a tribute to the Reading Abbey, Shadows of Reading reflects the rich history of Reading and celebrates its’ development into a modern town. Using Ahmad’s experience with creating multidimensional art pieces using light, shadows and string, the idea behind the piece is to create a modern aesthetic installment, which casts a dramatic and playful shadow over the pathway.

Each archway represents the diverse communities inhabiting Reading, and the wires represent the interwoven fabric of Reading’s multicultural society which binds together – creating a beautifully strong and intertwined culture. The steel foundations represent the pillars of Reading and its importance as a town throughout history and into the present. Members of the community will be invited to place tokens representing their group in the installment.

Ahmad is a Syrian artist born and raised in Damascus, Syria. Since coming to the UK, Ahmad has been developing his own multi-dimensional art technique using nails, string, shadows and calligraphy.

Ahmad uses his artwork to narrate human experiences of conflict and ways of finding internal peace. His work has been exhibited in the UK, Switzerland and Germany and part of it is compiled into his book ‘Multi-Dimensional Art Technique’.

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Ahmad is working with curator Qamar Ayoubi, who will be supporting Ahmad in the delivery of the workshop programme.

The programme will include workshops with SEN groups ZAP and Move Up as well as the Reading Refugee Support Group and Wild About Reading. In the workshops, participants will be encouraged to creatively express their views on Reading as a home and place of diversity and to develop the installation design with the Shadows of Reading team. Participants will be encouraged to develop their skills in creative expression, design and 3D modelling.