Call for Reading-based artists and project participants

We are looking for four artist-teams to develop designs for a three-dimensional public art piece through participatory engagement with local communities.

For this exciting opportunity, open, collaborative, and innovative approaches are encouraged.

All design proposals will be displayed in a final exhibition and one design will be selected for commission. The final piece will be sited in a prominent location in Domain, the new residential development on Weldale Street, Reading.

Who can apply?

All lead artists must be based in Reading and should be able to demonstrate good knowledge of the local area. Applications from young and emerging artists and artists from frequently marginalised groups are encouraged.

Who can participate?

Participants in in-person activities must be from the local community. Participants in online activities may be from further afield, in acknowledgement of wider connections, but the majority of participants should be local. Artists will be asked to identify the participant groups they would like to work with in their applications.

Budgets and fees

Collaborative and participatory design development: Each artist-team will be provided with a budget of £5,000 for collaborative and participatory design development. This budget includes team fees, workshop materials and all other associated costs (including but not limited to travel, room hire and refreshments).

The final piece: The budget for the final piece is £40,000. This includes any additional artist fees required during the production process and all production and installation costs.

Key dates

Project Launch: 13 October, 5.30pm to 8pm
Site Visit: 24 November, 11am to 3pm
Application closing date: TBC
Selection of 4 artist-teams: TBC
Project delivery: TBC
Final exhibition: Spring 2022
Selection of design for production: TBC

Application process

Artists are invited to submit proposals for a collaborative and participatory art project that involves local people in  the development of designs for a final 3D art piece.

Proposals should include information about:

  • the conceptual framework that would inform and shape activities
  • the people, groups and organisations that would be involved
  • the planned participatory activities and the ways that these would be delivered
  • how designs for the final piece would be developed.

Consideration should also be given to ways of working online to include a wider range of interested individuals, organisations and/or groups.

Prior to submitting proposals, artists are invited to attend two events, the project launch and a site visit. These will provide artists with an opportunity to understand more about the project and meet the Project Team. Support will be available throughout the application process.

At selection, the Project Team will be looking for artists who are comfortable collaborating with others to achieve the best results for everyone. They will also be looking for proposals that work together to include as many sectors of the local community as possible.

To achieve this, during the selection process the Project Team may make suggestions about applicants working together in new partnerships, reconsidering proposed participants or developing planned activities.

At the end of the process, the Project Team will select 4 proposals for delivery.